How to look after your kit

There are a million different old wives’ tales for making sure you keep your kit in tip top condition but there are some general rules you should stick to when you want to get the most out of your new cycling kit.

Rule 1: be kind to your kit

We’re all tired when we get back from a ride but don’t be the person who strips down and leaves their kit in a pile on the floor waiting for the laundry fairies to pick it up. Whack it in the washing machine as soon as possible so that it’s easier to get the salty, and let’s face it, smelly threads clean for your next ride.

Rule 2: 30ºC and not a single degree more

Care kit 2.jpeg

Your washing machine should have a 30ºC setting and if you’ve only worn your kit for a quick commute, the cycle should only take an hour - tops! Remember there are important features on your kit like leg and arm grippers so don't boil your shorts and jersey to death.

Rule 3: avoid powder detergents

Care kit 5.jpeg

Our fabrics are highly technical and powdered detergents can get in the way of the fibres that deliver the features of our kit. You won’t be able to see it with the naked eye but these microscopic powdered particles will put a halt to the moisture wicking and quick drying properties of your jersey and bib shorts in no time.

Rule 4: absolutely no fabric conditioner

Keep those wonderful smells for your towels and bed sheets, boys and girls. Your cycling kit is designed to be washed and dried without unnecessary chemicals.

Rule 5: don’t tumble dry

Care kit 3.jpeg

Not only is excessive tumble drying bad for the environment but our kit is lightweight enough that it should dry overnight if not within a couple of hours on warm summer days. Ride, rinse, repeat - that’s our motto!

Keep these in mind next time you’re putting a load of washing in and you’ll get a long life from your kit.

bruce dalton