Saikel was created by two passionate cyclists who saw an opportunity to produce kit that helped them, and others, stand out from the crowd (or should we say peloton?) while maintaining the technical properties of high-performance kit.

When Saikel was born, Simon and David both had professional careers in mining and IT respectively - cue the violins. This is why they both hatched a plan to inject colour into not only their own lives but yours too.

Simon is a typical passionate bike rider: he trains, he rides, he conquers. He’s dabbled in amateur racing but tends to stick to weekend riding and sportives in his adopted home country of Switzerland.

When David’s not on the hunt for precious metals, he’s usually found on his road or mountain bike. While he waits for the postman to deliver that trophy he’s sure he should’ve received by now, he’s out on the road or flicking up some mud on the trails looking his best.

Our goal is to inspire our riders to go that bit further, climb that bit higher and push that little bit harder so that they can be the best. We aim to fuse fashion, function and form into the best cycling apparel on the market. And just like that, we are Saikel!