Saikel was born when a group of British cyclists in Switzerland were sitting around a kitchen table one evening having a beer and talking about what most groups of cyclists talk about - kit. The very first idea of starting a cycling apparel company was born. All keen cyclists with almost 100 kits between them, the goal was set, understand the function, form and fit to create a kit designed by cyclists for cyclists. Add the 4th F - fashion, and we have the Saikel 4F design concept.

Function is met when the garment performs its stated purpose effectively and reliably. We wanted to produce outstanding quality cycling kit that can be worn repeatedly and looks great for multiple seasons.

Form refers to such characteristics as external dimensions, weight and size.

Fit is the sum of all a garment's parts that make it whole. The main contact points for a kit are you and the saddle, therefore choosing the right chamois would be a critical success factor.

Fashion takes form and extends the visual component. Our eclectic designs are quirky and eccentric, drawing inspiration from current fashion trends.

A resourceful group of professionals and passionate cyclists with nearly a hundred thousand hours in the saddle combined, we spend almost 20% of waking life in kit all year. We set off searching for manufacturers.

We had two choices: black label or white label. Black label is taking a pre-defined pattern (function, fit and form) and adding our own fashion-inspired designs and branding. This isn’t dissimilar to the processes that cycling clubs go through every season. White label on the other hand is a totally bespoke service, with choice and control through every part of the design process. This was the only choice if we wanted to be a legitimate clothing company - white label.

Through our cycling contacts, we had an introduction to a well established and respected manufacturer in Italy.

Every decision made on fabrics, cut and features was applied back to the Saikel 4F design concept.